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When should the Cartridge be Cleaned?
Not too long ago, cartridge filter assemblies were relatively small and needed to be cleaned more frequently. Then in the early 2000s, engineers at the major manufacturers caught on to the idea that a larger filter would mean more filter area, which would mean they wouldn't have to be cleaned as often. This has helped.
Although larger filters reduce frequency of cleaning, the job still must be done and determining when is the first step: keeping a log of filter pressure differential measurements can make this easy and efficient — once you get in the habit. It is best to clean the filter each time you vacuum.
How to Clean the Cartridge
Cleaning a cartridge is a matter of rinsing dirt from a somewhat difficult surface. The deep pleats of a cartridge, while increasing the filter surface area dramatically, are inherently hard to access. You have to get in there and get after it.
Plenty of service techs use a simple pistol grip sprayer on a garden hose — any device that can be turned on and off without going back to the spigot, will save water, which is important in drought-stricken areas. But if you are looking to save time use one of the products on the market specifically designed to force water down into the pleats and make this routine job go faster.
Put the cartridge down on the ground, kneel down on a pad, get the cartridge cleaning tool and start at the top of the cartridge. Hold the cartridge at a 45-degree angle, get down to the band, take out the cartridge cleaning tool and rotate the cartridge and go back in. All the dirt comes out the bottom — you go from a gray filter cartridge to off-white in just a few minutes. It's just plain faster than the garden nozzle, and it saves time.  
 Saving Water
It's not exactly a tip, but any discussion of this topic has to include the fact that the water savings in cleaning cartridge filters is one of their major selling points in areas where water shortages are an issue. Cleaning a cartridge doesn't require the hundreds of gallons of wastewater needed to backwash a sand filter. Depending on the situation, a sand filter may run through 200 to 500 gallons of water in a single backwash cleaning. A cartridge might need five or 10. Saving water is increasingly important.

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

7 Of The Best Waterparks In The United States
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Water parks are a part of the pool industry and even if your family has a pool you may go visit a friend, or relative that doesn’t and wishing there is something you can entertain the kids with.  So here are 7 fantastic water parks in the USA!

Disney’s typhoon Lagoon Waterpark, Orlando, Florida
At Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon you can spend the day sun bathing on the beach, relaxing on the lazy river, crashing into waves in the wave pool or screaming with excitement as you soar down exhilarating water slides. They also offer private surf lessons in their state-of-the-art wave pool!
They also have some fun stores and delicious restaurants when you are ready to relax outside of the water!
Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park, Orlando, Florida
Blizzard Beach offers one of the world’s fastest and tallest waterslides – Mount Gushmore – as well as 12 other exciting attractions including water slides, raft rides, a kids play area and a wave pool!
They also offer private patios which are shaded decks that can be used for a quick rest throughout the day! They come with lounge chairs, lockers, and attendants to take orders and help you make the most of your water park experience!
Aquatica Orlando, Orlando Florida
Aquatica is SeaWorld’s waterpark and offers a whole new level experience! The most popular ride, Dolphin Plunge, lets you dive into an underwater world where you race past beautiful dolphins!
Other rides include Ihu’s Breakaway Fall which is the “tallest, steepest and only multi-drop tower in Orlando” and Roa’s Rapids as well as a lazy river and side by side wave pools!
Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari, Santa Claus, Indiana
Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari is a combination theme park and water park with 16 water rides, that offer hours of watery fun!
The park has several waterplay attractions for kids including Kima Bay and Monsoon Lagoon, as well as exciting slides, relaxing rivers, and thrashing wave pools for guests of all ages!
Noah’s Ark Water Park, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
With over 26 attractions including thrill rides, group rides, kiddy rides, a 4-D Theater and multiple Arcades, there is something for everyone at Noah’s Ark Waterpark!
Noah’s Ark Waterpark is the largest water par in America and also features the world’s largest bowl ride – Time Warp. Other features include the thrilling ¼ mile long Black Anaconda water coaster, raft rides, kiddie areas and a lazy river!
Morey’s Piers and Beachfront Water Parks, Wildwood, New Jersey
Morey’s Pier and Beachfront Water Parks includes five theme parks, two of which are waterparks – Raging Waters and Ocean Oasis!
Raging Waters Water Park offers a lazy river, with float-up snack bars and waterfalls as well as exciting water slides, such as Shotgun Falls which ends with a 6 foot drop and a humongous splash! There are also family friendly obstacles and two kiddie play areas.
Ocean Oasis Water Park + Beach Club features private cabanas, thrilling water slides and play areas on the shore. Cliff Dive sends you down 5 stories in just three seconds while WipeOut lets you race family down a six-lane slide. Their Lazy river also offers swim up refreshments as well as live music!
Water Country USA Williamsburg, Virginia
Situated by Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Water Country USA is Virginia’s largest water park and features water slides and raft rides as well as multiple pools and lazy rivers. They also have private cabanas and a wave pool that are sure to make your day both fun and relaxing.
The parks newest ride, Colossal Curl which has multiple high-adrenaline features, including a funnel and wave element that sends riders high over the park!

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