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Safe Swimming Tips For Kids of All Ages

Denise Sanger
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Swimming lessons are a must for any child. Many people believe that babies should learn to swim while it is still a natural response, but some health professionals advise against it. The practice of literally throwing babies into the water was popular some years back but physicians argued against it deeming that it caused them to inhale dangerous amounts of water. Don't start lessons for children under six months old at the youngest and always find a certified instructor. The sooner your child learns to swim, the safer he/she will be.

Infants and Toddlers
Children in this age group are the ones that need the most supervision. Often, parents and caregivers rely too heavily on those toys that are used to support children in the water. Keep in mind that a floating seat for an infant or "floaties" that children use to keep them above water have warning labels on them for a reason. These are not life preservers and are not meant to serve as flotation devices for rescue or for keeping anyone afloat who can't swim. Although they can be great learning tools for children, they can rely on them too heavily and so can parents. Never leave toddlers alone and stay close and alert with infants while they are in one of these devices.

You should also be meticulous about applying sunscreen. Many of the floats for babies have umbrellas made over them to protect them from the heat and rays from the sun. However, water can reflect sunlight onto the baby and cause burns.

Elementary Aged Children
Never let children swim alone regardless of how adept they are. The lure of the pool may be strong when they get home from school but you should have a strict rule against going into the pool without adult supervision. If you have a pool at home, it isn't a bad idea to have locked access to ensure the safety of your kids and of those in the neighborhood.

Enforcing the rules commonly printed on the signs at the public pool will provide you with the best safety steps for these active kids. "No running, no pushing, no horseplay, or jumping into the pool." Teenagers are the kids that are closest to adulthood and the most likely to ignore safety. They approach life with the attitude that they are immortal and that there is no danger in anything they do. It's all about having fun and this is a dangerous attitude to have.

Some parents even allow their children to have "teen-only" pool parties with their friends. Any time you allow them to socialize without supervision, there is the danger of having alcohol brought in or of having tempers to flair. Always supervise your teen's parties or any time they are in the pool.

Safe swimming is a matter of using common sense and never taking unnecessary chances. Swimming can be one of the most enjoyable forms of recreation for all ages but without rules, it can also be one of the most dangerous!

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2565 US Hwy 67 South
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