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Choosing A Deck For Your New Pool!

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Choosing A Deck For Your New Pool!

As you start to put together plans for your new swimming pool, you will begin to look at options for the pool deck. The good news is that there are a lot of solid deck options available. It is up to pool owners to determine the materials and choices that best fit their personal budgets, needs, and preferences. As a general rule of thumb, it is best practice to buy the best that you can afford. The initial pool construction period is the most affordable time to get your ideal deck. A pool is a long-term investment, and you want to be happy with the decision that you make. During your planning process, consider the following option for pool decking. 

Stamped Concrete
Stamped Concrete, Slate
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Stamped concrete is concrete that has been textured or stamped to resemble pavers, patterned stone, or virtually any other material. One of the best aspects of stamped concrete is that it can be designed to match numerous different home and landscaping tiles. It is imperative to add a textured surface to stamped concrete in a pool area to prevent slipping.
Halton flagstone in Bronte color 1.JPG
Flagstone is a great, versatile choice for pool decks. It has a naturally rough texture that makes for minimal slipping. As the process of laying flagstone is time intensive, it is one of the more expensive pool deck choices. It may be necessary to apply an appropriate sealer to offer protection for the stones from the pool chemicals.
Exposed or Washed Aggregate
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Most exposed aggregate consists of a concrete base that is topped or seeded with crushed stones or pea gravel, which are then washed to highlight the varying colors and shapes. It is a durable, affordable deck option with a beautiful natural aesthetic. The surface may be a little rough on the feet and can get quite hot when exposed to direct sunlight. 
Brushed Concrete
brushed concrete brushed concrete is a technique applied to the ...
Brushed concrete is simply concrete that has been modified to give it a heightened appearance and texture. Typically this technique is used for driveways or sidewalks but more complex methods can render beautiful designs that are perfect for pool decks.
Wood Decks & Fences
Wood has remained on the top 5 pool deck trends list for many years because it is such a classic choice. The biggest drawback to wood is weathering. However, wood decks can be easily customized by anybody who possesses basic carpentry skills and are a great choice for above ground pools.

Wideman Pools, LLC
2565 Hwy 67 So.
Festus, MO  63028
636-931-POOL (7665)

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