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What to Look for When Purchasing A Fire Bowl


Have you ever seen fire bowls around a pool and been really impressed by the aesthetic? A fire bowl for your pool is one of the hottest pool trends right now. You'll wow all of your family and friends at any pool gathering with a new set of copper, metal, or concrete fire bowls. Fire bowls can add classic style to a home or provide a romantic ambiance for special occasions. They create an ideal focal point for a pool and offer ample heat and light. As you think about this option for your new in-ground pool or this year's pool upgrade, take the following information into consideration.
There is a range of pool fire bowls on the market. As you explore your options, you should look for the following characteristics:
  • Easy to install
  • Can be used with natural gas or propane
  • Can be operated with a remote from any pool operated system
  • Approved burner assembly with flame monitoring technology
  • Minimum one year warranty
  • Technical support from the company
Whether you are looking for a simple banded bowl or a large, tall decorated bowl, there is a perfect fire bowl for your pool for virtually every pool owner. Fire bowls are available in a variety of shapes with different details such as banded rims and pedestals. Consider the style of your home and your yard as you explore fire bowl options. Some bowls are more suited for modern styles with other bowls preferable for older, classic styles. Just a few of the most popular bowl styles include banded rim, Windsor, Biltmore, Tuscano, Corinthian, garden bowl, and Fiore.
Are you having trouble finding a pool fire bowl that fits your needs and preferences? Some companies offer fire feature inserts that you can use in your own custom designed fire bowls.
Another great aspect of pool fire bowls is that you have complete control over the number of bowls that you'd like for your pool area. Some pool owners keep it simple with one or two low, round bowls while other pool owners install a set of four tall bowls with intricate pedestals.
However you choose to accent your pool, Shasta can help you design a backyard living environment that fits your style perfectly. 

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Wideman Pools, LLC
2565 Hwy 67 So.
Festus, MO  63028


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