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How to have a Safe Pool and Enjoy It


Home pools are a large responsibility. While they provide hours of entertainment and exercise, they can also be the source of serious accidents and even deaths. Putting together a pool safety system ensures that an entire family can enjoy the pool with peace of mind.
Here are 10 ways to keep your pool safe throughout the year

1.     Construct and maintain a fence with a gate for the pool area. Many communities require a fence for a pool area that must meet specific measurements. The fence should be a minimum of five feet tall and should include a gate that is self-closing and self-latching.

2.     Keep the gate shut. A pool gate should always be closed. People get distracted when they are in the pool and cannot be trusted to keep an eye out for others who may enter the area.

3.     Provide rescue equipment and emergency information in close proximity. Keep a first aid kit, rescue rings, long poles, and emergency information, such as CPR procedure, in the pool area.

4.     Keep the pool covered when it is not in use. It is easy to keep the pool covered during the off season and become more relaxed about covering it after each use.

5.     Establish and enforce pool rules. There should be a set of pool rules for the entire family such as no running and no swimming without proper supervision.

6.     Keep pool chemicals locked away from young children and pets. Children and pets may be tempted to drink pool chemicals. Keep them locked away and out of reach at all times.

7.     Keep the pool area neat. Children will be less tempted to sneak into a pool area on their own when the area does not contain attractive pool items (i.e. rafts).

8.     Provide non-slip surfaces for the poolside. While running should never be allowed in a pool area, accidents are inevitable. It is best to be prepared and offer non-slip surfaces for the area.

9.     Install a pool alarm. There are a number of pool alarms available. A good alarm can detect unknown entrances to the yard as well as the pool itself.

10.   Supervise young children and pets in the pool at all times. Finally, the most essential of the 10 ways to keep your pool safe is to provide constant supervision. Every second counts when drowning so it is best practice to check the pool first when a child or pet is missing.

It goes without saying, safety always comes first. Let us know if we can help you make your pool a safer place for all who enjoy it

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Wideman Pools, LLC
2565 Hwy 67 So.
Festus, MO  63028

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