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Do You Know the Swimming Pool Filter Types?

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Do You Know the Swimming Pool Filters Types?


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DE Filter
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Owning a swimming pool is not considered a luxury anymore, as swimming pools have become more affordable over the last years and more and more people are installing pools in their back yards. However, having bought and installed the swimming pool is not enough. If you want to fully enjoy it, you have to properly maintain it and having an efficient water filter is one of the most important steps in this regard.

However, many people avoid buying a swimming pool filter as they do not consider it necessary or they do not know what sort of filter is most suitable for their own swimming pool.

When it comes to swimming pool filters, you should know that there are three main types of filtration systems. These types are filters are the sand filter, the cartridge filter and the diatomaceous earth filter (also known as DE filter). These filters can and should be installed on all types of pools, no matter if they are in ground swimming pools or above the ground pools.

Each of the above filters has a different task and they should be purchased for their characteristics.

The first type of swimming pool filters, the sand filter, is supposed to remove any sand particles from reaching your pool and they are effective in stopping particles 20 to 100 microns in size to reach your swimming pool.

The cartridge swimming pool filter has a similar method of functioning as your fridge or car purifier and it is effective in removing particles 25 to 100 microns in size.

The DE filters are considered to be the most efficient types of swimming pool filters, as they can stop even the smallest particles from getting in your pool (DE filters are meant to stop debris 3 to 5 micros in size).

Depending on the region you live in and the water's characteristics, you may require one type of filter or another. In all situations, DE filters provide you with the cleanest water possible, but they are also the most expensive swimming pool filters.

All the swimming pool filters should be cleaned regularly and the most frequent and recommended method of cleaning the filter is backwashing them (reversing the water flow through the filter, all the gathered debris will be drained away).

Having a swimming pool filter is vital if you want to enjoy your pool and avoid any possible problems with impure water.

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