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Swimming Pool Alarm

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Swimming Pool Alarm - How to Have Peace of Mind About Your Swimming Pool When No One's Around 

Summer is here and this means going swimming, especially to kids. Unfortunately there are not as many swimming holes as we used to have, so people are turning to pools - usually in their own yard.

And with the price of gasoline skyrocketing, more and more people are staying home and are getting swimming pools in their yard to have a vacation at home.

Yes, swimming is a lot of fun and it's great exercise. But pools can also be very dangerous because of the threat of drowning, especially to children.

Did you know that drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injury-related death of children?

It only takes about two minutes without oxygen to lose consciousness and within four to six minutes without oxygen, a child can have irreversible brain damage.

Does that get your attention? Good, because the way to ensure that kids are safe in and around a swimming pool is to have complete supervision when they're swimming.

But what about when your pool is 'closed' and no one is allowed to swim because there is no adult supervision? How can you be sure that no one tries to sneak in for a swim?

Now there's a gadget called a Pool Alarm that can be turned on when your pool is closed. The Pool Alarm comes with a remote receiver which can be placed in your home up to 200 feet from the main unit that is placed at the pool side.

The Pool Alarm can be a life saver because it is mounted to the side of the pool and has an electronic sensor that detects any agitation in the water other than ripples caused by the wind. When triggered, the Pool Alarm will give off a very loud noise around the pool as well as at the receiver placed inside your home.

That means that if the Pool Alarm detects any splashes in the water (other than those caused by wind) it will set off the alarm. Now if one of your children or anyone else tries to sneak a swim in your pool -- or even if your dog falls in -- then the alarm will notify you so you can get to the pool immediately. Then you can yell at the kids and explain how dangerous it is to swim alone.

If you have a pool in your yard you have to always be on the alert so that no children are swimming unsupervised. You also want to be assured that no one is in or near your pool without your knowledge. A Pool Alarm is your first line of notification that someone is fooling around in your pool.

One other thing -- make sure you instruct everyone in your family and in fact, everyone who uses your pool about safety. There are good signs available that you can place near your pool with swimming rules.

Remember, Safety First and Don't Be the Next Victim!

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Wideman Pools
2565 US Hwy 67 South
Festus, MO 63628


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