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When should the Cartridge be Replaced?
It's easier to replace cartridge media than it is to clean it.  In replacing the media you're getting rid of any biofilm that could inhabit that filter. Also, people moving into new homes with a pool, they like that. They want to replace the filter so they're not swimming in anyone else's biofilm or filtered waste."
The best time to replace a cartridge is when the pressure gauge is high or on a regular basis just to be proactive, but over time any cartridge filter media will develop a hole or tear in the fabric or become hopelessly clogged, forcing replacement.
One of the most common causes of early filter death is clogging due to embedded pool gunk, which tends to be forced deep into the fabric of cartridge filters where it can't be rinsed away.  It gets to the point that there's so much blockage that the filters lose their ability to pass water and trap debris. If the pressure gauge remains high after cleaning a cartridge, it most likely means the fabric has become clogged and the cartridge needs to be replaced.
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