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As you dream about your new backyard living environment, remember to consider exterior design elements like outdoor lighting and sound options. When they are seamlessly incorporated into your outdoor living area, these features can really help to complement your new custom swimming pool and create an oasis for entertaining. Here are some examples of the different design choices you can make when it comes to outdoor lighting and sound options:
Outdoor Lighting 
Outdoor lighting has a practical use to light driveways and walkways so you can safely navigate without running off the path or bumping into something around your house.  Outdoor lighting is obviously helpful for protection purposes to keep intruders away from your precious home and property.
But outdoor lighting can be a beautiful enhancement to your home and lawn as well.  From backyard events to attractively presenting the front of your home, there are some exciting lighting trends that can make your home stand out.
Lighting Features: Things to Consider
Artisan Lights: These artfully crafted lighting fixtures have all of the practical capabilities of typical outdoor lights but have enhanced flare and artistic appeal. 
Spotlights: New light technology, special lenses, and easier installation can take a traditional spotlight and transform it into a beautiful showcasing device.
Water Features: Adding soft lighting to ponds, bird baths, fountains or other water features provides a serene and peaceful feel to your patio, pool area or backyard. Use it to spice up pool parties and add an extra element of fun!
Sculptures:  From friendly forest creatures to impressive stone or ceramics, you can utilize lighting to accentuate the beauty of and create the right ambiance for your outdoor exhibits.
Outdoor Sound Systems
Integrating sound into your outdoor entertainment experience is an exciting trend that everyone can enjoy.  Whether you have a small patio or a complete walking path in your backyard you can enjoy outdoor sound options to suit your particular lifestyle.

Sound Systems: Things to Consider

Waterproofing: When looking for pool area speakers, be sure to find well protected equipment that will resist water damage at the connectors, the wiring, and the power receptacles.

Receivers: Choose a high quality receiver that can support around ten speakers. With this type of flexibility you have the option to make adjustments depending for your specific needs.

Concealment: You can utilize planters or ceramic rocks to conceal your outdoor speakers so the sound is still perfect but the technology is carefully hidden from view.

Party Placement: Consider the best placement of outdoor speakers for optimal sound. Wireless speakers can work great in these situations with the right speaker positions.


Wideman Pools, LLC
2565 Hwy 67 So.
Festus, MO  63025

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