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3 Tips for Pool Care During Drought Season



Owning a pool often means three-digit summer temperatures that usually make pool owners powerless with a bowl of ice cream in hand. The scorching summer heat can sometimes bring a little more than just a sunburn and sweat. A drought can be problematic for pool builders and customers. For example, unresolved equipment leaks or pool leaks can result in high water bills and, more importantly, a reduction in precious water reserves. 

While some problems may require professional help, below are a few things pool owners can do to aid in keeping their pool up and running during the drought:

How to Check for Leaks
Normal evaporation is one inch per week. If your customer is unsure they have a pool leak, ask them to do the bucket test as follows:

1.Make sure the pool is filled halfway up the skimmer, which is the proper water level.
2.Fill a container with water and place it on your top or second step, level with the pool water. 
3.Mark the water level on the outside of the bucket with tape or a marker.
4.Run the system 24 hours.   
5.If the water level in the pool is lower than the bucket, they may have a leak. Normal evaporation will occur in the bucket, but it won’t lose water.  
6.If the water level in the pool dropped, make a note of how far. If it drops ½ inch or more in 24 hours, they may have an underground leak.
7.Refill the pool to the proper water level and maintain it so the system doesn’t “run dry” and burn up the equipment.
8.If the pool has lost more water than the bucket, you may be in need of leak detection.

Possible Leak Locations
If you think you're dealing with a leak, start by looking for equipment leaks at the backwash valve, filter band clamp and or other fittings, any of which can cause the pool to loose water. Leak detections should be done when there are no aboveground leaks and the bucket test indicates higher than normal water loss. During summer drought, detecting leaks ASAP is important in saving water and keeping the pool running properly, as well as saving your client time, money, and frustration.   

Maintenance Matters
Proper pool maintenance is especially vital during high temperatures. Proper chemical balance is crucial to healthy water — if the system goes down, a pool should never turn green. The pool can be safely shocked by broadcasting 8 to 10 lbs. of granular chlorine, then brushing the sides and bottom for circulation.
The pool will be cloudy for 2 to 3 hours, and the process may have to be repeated. It’s imported to note that this should not be done with a saltwater pool or on a pool with colored plaster. 
And don’t forget the filter. Regular filter cleans and routine backwashing are crucial as the filter grids collect pollen, dirt, and debris, and will cake to the grids over time. This leads to poor water circulation, algae, high pressure and chemical imbalance, making pools unusable and even dangerous for swimmers. 

These are just a few tips for pool owners during a drought season. With water restrictions, it's important to provide customers with valuable information to help keep their pools running in peak performance.

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